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Specialised Broken Key Removal Services in Oxford

Got a snapped key inside your lock sort of problem? My Handyman Oxford has the perfect solution – a broken key removal service in Oxford available 24/7! Our locksmiths have specialised tools and techniques to unjam your lock, and we’ll do it causing the minimum amount of damage possible – usually zero! We’ll advise you on the best way to extract the key from locks at home, at work, your bike, car, or padlock.

Call In The Professionals

Trying to perform broken key removal yourself may simply worsen the problem, so trust us to rectify the issue safely. By hiring our fully insured locksmith services in Oxford you’ll instantly get trained and experienced technicians at your door! Count on us for…

  • Round-the-clock customer care – you can call us day or night
  • Rapid response times – we can often be there within the hour, so you can stay calm
  • New keys – duplicate keys, replacement keys, we can do it all!
  • Six month guarantee – the quality of our workmanship will never be in question
  • Non-destructive service – broken keys will be removed without drilling if at all possible
  • Free quotes – so you know exactly what you’ll pay on completion of the job

Broken Keys

As professional locksmiths, we understand the frustration of having just one half of the key in your hand and the other still in the lock! This can be due to pressure, but can also be attributed to the age and type of the key itself. Cuts and grooves are susceptible to damage and over time may crack or break. Sometimes the internal wear of the lock can lead to the break, or the key material can cause a problem.

It’s important to call out our broken key removal experts in Oxford immediately – call us 24/7 to arrange a booking. Your home security may be at risk so there’s no time to waste. Your expert locksmith will lubricate the lock and use a key extraction tool, designed to come into contact with the teeth on the key, to gently remove the key piece. Once the key has been removed your engineer will help make a new key from the broken pieces.

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